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About the Author

Andrew Hood was born in Victoria Australia in 1973 and is an Author, Blogger, Salesman and Family man.

His personal blog The Weekly Tipping Point was awarded No.39 in the “Top 101 Best & Most Inspiring Blogs” and he has been a guest blogger on ‘The Guided Mind’ and ‘Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life’ blogs since 2014.

Andrew’s insight in the human psyche and willingness to share his learnings with the world has earned him feedback such as:

  • What a wonderful style of authenticity, raw emotion, pure energy and a desire for life….
  • Reading through your lines one feels relaxed and confident, almost elevated standing beside a man in his true power….
  • You have a gentle and impactful way to remind your readers about the gift of life and life experiences….

Andrew’s breakout novella “Suggesting Murder” and book “Tales from the Tipping Point” are merely an introduction into his writing.


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